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COVID-19 - Operating at Red

We have now switched to the Red setting of the traffic light system. This setting means we need to take action to protect our health system and those who are most vulnerable.

Red setting is not a lockdown, which means that our team will face increased risks of exposure to COVID-19 as the case numbers increase. This is an expected part of endemic nature of COVID-19, however it does mean that as an essential community service we need to take additional precautions to ensure both the health of our team and our ability to continue providing services for our community.

As a result, under the Red setting we encourage you to book virtual consultations (either phone or video) wherever possible. This limits the number of people that we have coming into the practice, decreasing everyone's potential exposure to COVID-19.

Transmission of COVID-19 is the most effective way we can protect our team and so correctly worn masks are compulsory for everyone entering any of our premises. These masks need to remain correctly in place at all times unless you are requested to remove or adjust them by one of our GPs or nurses.

If you are not wearing a mask for any reason, you will need to call us from outside the practice and we will make arrangements on how to ensure you can be seen safely. This includes anyone with a mask exemption. Rest assured that we are able to provide health care, however this is likely to be slightly differently to normal due to the increased transmission risks of being unmasked.

We strongly encourage that every get their COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters if you are now eligible.

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