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Flu Immunisations - 2022
Rob Stewart
March 30, 2022
Cup of hot tea and some tissuesCup of hot tea and some tissues

We're pleased to now be starting the rollout of the 2022 Flu immunisation programme. If you like to find out more about the flu immunisation, take a look at our Should I get a flu shot? article or head to Fight Flu.

Eligibility and Costs

We provide fully funded Flu immunisations are available for the following people:

- Anyone aged 65+

- Those with Maori or Pacific ethnicity who are aged 55+

- Anyone who has a medical condition listed on Fight Flu list of conditions and is registered with either Thorndon Medical Centre or Johnsonville Medical Centre.

These include things like heart disease, some respiratory conditions, diabetes, renal conditions and autoimmune diseases, but please refer to the link to determine your eligibility. If you enrolled at another medical centre and think you have an eligible condition then we recommend you arrange your flu immunisation via your medical centre.

For everyone else, flu immunisations are still available for the following costs:

- Patients enrolled with Thorndon Medical Centre or Johnsonville Medical Centre -$37

- Other patients - $42

You can also get your vaccination with us if you have flu immunisation voucher from Lifecare Consultants via your workplace. Please ensure you bring you voucher with you otherwise a charge will apply.

We unfortunately cannot accept vouchers from Maxwell Health.


Thorndon Medical Centre

Flu immunisations for everyone are available from the practice during our flu clinic times, so please call us on 04 47 35181 to book. You can also get one at the time if you are coming to see us for a different reason.

Vaccination Clinic in Johnsonville

If you are aged 3+ you can also access funded or discounted flu immunisations at the Johnsonville Medical Centre Vaccination Clinic in the Johnsonville Shopping Centre. The vaccination clinic is open from 9am - 4.30pm, 7 days a week.

If you are enrolled with us and have ManageMyHealth, you can book your flu immunisation at the Vaccination Clinic online. Simply go to ManageMyHealth and once you've answered the screening questions select the location as Vaccination Clinic - Johnsonville and then pick your time.

If you don't have ManageMyHealth, you can call us on 04 473 5181 to book ahead of time.

The Vaccinaiton Clinic also has some walk-in capacity on the day, but you'll need to check with team at the door of the clinic to see if that is available at any particular time. We cannot guarantee availability of walk-in appointments.

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