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Farewell to Dr Tony Crutchley
Rob Stewart
September 20, 2021
Farewell Dr Tony CrutchleyFarewell Dr Tony Crutchley

As you may be aware, Dr Tony Crutchley was scheduled to retire at the end of September 2021. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen health reasons Dr Crutchley has had to retire a couple of weeks earlier than planned.

The staff at Thorndon Medical Centre and the wider Wellington Medical Group team are going to miss him dearly, as we are sure his patients of many years will too. We wish him all the best for his well-earned retirement and thank him deeply for the hard work and the dedication to his patients he has shown in the past many years as a doctor at Thorndon Medical Centre.

As Dr Crutchley retires, we have a team of excellent GPs available to continue your care: Dr Anna McCavana, Dr Elizabeth Johnson and Dr Alana Gimpel. If you have been enrolled under the care of Dr Crutchley, your enrolment will automatically transfer to Dr Anna McCavana (as previously communicated) unless you have specified otherwise. You are welcome to see any one of our GPs as your primary provider.

We are also working towards having a new male GP joining the team later this year/early next year. In the meantime, anyone who normally goes to Thorndon Medical Centre and who specifically wishes to see a male GP for any reason is also welcome at Johnsonville Medical Centre without having to re-enrol.

If you have any further questions or need assistance then please contact us via any of the usual channels (phone, email, website, ManageMyHealth) and we’ll do whatever we can to help.

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