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5 June COVID-19 Vaccination Update
Rob Stewart
June 5, 2021
COVID-19 vaccine updateCOVID-19 vaccine update

Thank you to everyone for your patience with the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign. We have been working to a fairly uncertain timeframe and are working hard with Capital and Coast DHB and our PHO on bringing this to you as soon as possible.

Due to the complexities with managing the COVID-19 vaccine, in the short-term we don't expect to be doing COVID-19 vaccinations from Thorndon Medical Centre, although we will be monitoring to see if this becomes possible.

In order to make sure that our patients are able to access the vaccine, we will be liaising with high priority and Group 3 patients in the near future about options for vaccinating. The two main options will be our Vaccination Pop-up at Johnsonville Shopping Centre (which we will soon be able to book you into directly) or the vaccination clinic in Capital Gateway (which you will need to book elsewhere).

The good news is that we expect to start booking high priority patients into the Vaccination Pop-up in the very near future, followed quickly by the rest of Group 3 before eventually being able to offer vaccinations to everyone as vaccine availability allows.

At this time, please do not contact us about booking your vaccination appointments unless we have contacted you specifically. We will be contacting high priority patients directly (either by phone, text, email or letter). and supporting them to find the option that works best for each person.

There will be another update once the wider Group 3 are able to book (followed by availability for everyone) and we will then advise the process for booking. As you can imagine there will be a significant number of bookings to handle and we are in the process of ensuring that we have the resources to manage that.

Thanks again for your patience and rest assured that we are working hard to get the vaccine to you.

Early vaccination requests

There may be some limited cases where you are able to get vaccinated before your expected group on compassionate grounds. You will need to apply for this via the Ministry of Health so if you think this applies to you then please go to the Early COVID-19 Vaccination website and follow the instructions form there. Please note that we cannot determine your eligibility for you or give you the vaccine without confirmation early access has been granted.

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